SEO Tips: Simple and Free SEO Tools to Monitor Your Website Ranking

SEO Tips: Simple and Free SEO Tools to Monitor Your Website Ranking
Free SEO Tools

SEO Tips: Simple and Free SEO Tools to Monitor Your Website Ranking

Website ranking is especially important for your online business's success, and this should be very much clear to you. Millions of websites are indexed on different search engines, and thousands of more are pouring in every turning

If you want your website to be on the top of SERPs, you must monitor its different metrics. If you want to get to the top position quickly and smartly, you surely must make sure that you are following the right tips and are using the right tips. 

There are thousands of seo tools on the web, and we obviously cannot discuss all of them in one post, so today, we would be telling you about the most important ones. 

Using the below-mentioned tools, you can monitor your website ranking position and find different ways to improve it.

Free SEO Tools to Monitor Website Rankings 

Here are some of the free and reliable tools that can help you check and improve your SERPs website position.

Website SEO Checker by SmallSEOTools 

As the name tells us, the free seo checker by smallseotools is famous if you want to check the seo score of a website or page. This tool is not only capable of checking the seo score of your website, but it can also be utilized to check the score and position of all kinds of websites even if it belongs to your competition. By using the website seo checker of smallseotools, you can easily find out the following results:

  • You can see what is going on your website on a general level. 

  • You can easily discover the search engine optimization issues and can also get solutions for them.

  • You can find out what is wrong with your website and why it is getting a low score. 

  • You can easily identify what needs to be replaced, improvised, or removed. 

This utility is free and is known to be best for checking your website's metrics and status. 

Google page speed insights 

This is another online tool that can help you check the loading speed of your website or page. You must know that the page loading speed is one of the major ranking factors, and if your website takes more than three seconds to load, there is no way you can enjoy a higher position on the search pages. This tool by google can help you find out the exact page loading speed and the different factors on the site affecting the loading of the page. You would also find the tips which would help you in improving and optimizing the page speed. 

Moz Local Listing score

Moz is an incredibly famous website that can provide you with different services that would improve your seo score and ranking position. Moz gets you results from multiple sources, and the top ones include Google, Facebook, and yelp. You can easily find out how exactly your business looks on different platforms. You will get the listing score in percentage; the best thing about this online tool is that it gives you useful suggestions for improving your seo score.

Keyword rank tracker by

The keyword rank checker by SearchEngineReports can also help you monitor your website position. This tool can check your website's exact position on the search engine with context to the keywords you are using. You can enter the keyword in the tool or put in the URL of the website you want to check the ranking for. With this online rank checker tool, you can also find out your competition's position and the keywords being used by them. This is an especially useful free tool.

Ahref backlink checker 

Backlinks as well all know, play an important role in setting the ranking position of the website. Backlinks, if broken, can also ruin your credibility and can drop down your website to the lower ranks. If you want to check the authority of the links connecting to you or the ones you are linking with, you should help yourself by using this backlink checker. A Href is one of the best platforms that you can utilize for checking different metrics of your website. You can collect tons of results with Ahref, but the most useful ones are:

  • Amount of inbound and outbound links.

  • Referring domains.

  • Quality of content.

  • Number of keywords and their density.

  • Domain rating and URL rating.

Google Trends

Google Trends another online seo tool that can be utilized for free but all sorts of users. This tool would tell you about the popularity of a website concerning the audience. With this tool, you can check out the bounce rate and the engagement rate. You can get an idea of whether the content you are putting on your website is popular among the readers or not. The tool would also suggest new content ideas that can boost your ranking position.

There are many more tools that can help you check seo, but for now, we would suggest you check the seo metrics of your website with the utilities discussed above. If you monitor and check seo regularly, then you can make your place on the top ranks for sure!