The Indian Poker Series: The Next BIG Thing in 2020!

The Indian Poker Series: The Next BIG Thing in 2020!
The Indian Poker Series: The Next BIG Thing in 2020!

Poker is all about taking calm action on the felts without giving away any hint of your next move. It is a skill-based sport that offers a lot of challenging avenues for players to explore and then use it to translate their progress in monetary terms. If you too are one of those passionate players too, we suggest you change seats and dive into the live scene this New Year. One smart way to do so runs through tons of high voltage action in Season 3 of The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) that comes with a jaw-dropping guaranteed prize pool of INR 5Crore+ and would be hosted from 3rd to 10th February 2020.
The even better news that for Indian poker players is that TIPS has joined hands with India’s Most Trusted Poker Website, PokerBaazi this year too for hosting its online sattys on its portal. This is an exclusive opportunity for all poker pros to bag a TIPS ticket online and fly all the way to the Czech Republic to play against some of Europe’s best minds from 3rd to 10th February 2020 at the Kings Casino. It is one of the signature events for those looking for live poker series in India and you may well decide to play in it.
In this blog, we shall talk about some upcoming live poker opportunities in 2020. We would also offer more top insights and poker satellite strategies to help you make it to the biggest of international felts.

The Indian Poker Series 2020 (TIPS 2020)- Taking Live Poker in India to the horizon!

The live poker environment in India has grown more active with time as gaming platforms have captured the live space by establishing permanent poker homes in certain corners of the country. Goa happens to be one of the thriving bases for some live action these days due to its casino culture and the stunning location that adds to the charm.
The Indian Poker Series 2020 is one cool derivation of this new, nationwide sensation. We are now offering more information on how you could be a part of this exciting series the next month. We are assuming you are an experienced player who knows his way around through ‘how to play poker’ and that you have played several Free Entry Tournaments to strengthen your base.

 ‘So, why is The Indian Poker Series so popular in the Indian gaming community?’

The Indian Poker Series is an exclusive India-centric tournament that has served as an excellent gateway for Indian players to compete in the European poker circuit since 2018. PokerBaazi has been its exclusive online satellite partner of Kings Casino (the venue) and TIPS itself since the beginning. Its second season witnessed India’s ace card player Pulkit Goyal finishing in the 5th place in the Main Event in 2019. He had bagged 31,845 euros as prize money and also won a free entry to the WSOP Main Event for his amazing gameplay. What could possibly be better than this for a poker player?
His performance was a fine example of the bright future of every Indian poker player who wishes to take the giant leap to global stardom. If you wish to be one among them, you may opt for online Satellites to get in the spin at a much lesser price.

TIPS Package worth 125K through Baazi Rewards

Here’s an interesting opportunity extended by the reputed online gaming service provider, PokerBaazi (PB). It is offering a complete TIPS package worth 125K to all cash players on their portal through their Loyalty Rewards program. You may also play in these sattys that are running every evening on the PokerBaazi apps currently.
The TIPS sattys shall be of two kinds and unlike other major tournaments and buy-ins start as low as INR 130 making this a very affordable experience for players of all stakes. We shall also tell you all that you would need to know about how to play poker in India online and strategize your sattys to battle it out.

How to claim the TIPS Package on PB? 

Players are required to play cash games and tournaments on the PB app to claim reward points and climb higher in the program. All in all, you need to unlock Level 21 by collecting 30000 reward points to claim the TIPs package.
The package includes the following-

  • Buy-In of the Main Event 
  • 5 Star Casino Hotel Accommodation
  • Return Economy Airfare
  • Visa Fee & Travel Insurance
  • Airport Transfers within the Czech Republic

Poker Satellite Strategy: How to Play Poker in India?

Now that everything on the menu has been clarified, let’s figure out how to nail these sattys so that you can soon be in the hot seat facing the felts of Kings Casino.
Qualifying a satellite can be intimidating as the field of players in satellites mirrors a cramped supermarket, to say the least. The key here is to not only win the tournament but also to grab the ticket to a much bigger event. Your approach should also reflect this goal.
We shall lay down a few pointers that could count for a solid poker satellite strategy to help achieve your end goal.

  • Firstly, there is no difference between the 1st and 5th position in sattys, both positioners get the ticket (if the Satty is offering tickets to the top 5 finishers). So, keep your focus on the prize, not the position. 
  • Play cautiously in the beginning to increase your chip stack and to get closer to the bubble with a healthy stack.
  • If you are closing in on the bubble with a sizeable stack, you may dial back on the aggression. Why not let the ones with smaller stacks knock each other out?
  • One point that you may be well acquainted with is to play tight when in the bubble in any tournament. In sattys, play super tight and try your best to secure your chip stack. 
  • Pay attention to the blinds at all times to avoid blinding out when short in chip count.
  • Look out for opportunities to collect easy chips from other medium stacks who typically lock themselves down hoping to sail through.
  • In the end, your goal is to survive past the bubble and dive “into the money”.

The Indian Poker Series 2020 is going to be a weeklong festival that shall feature non-stop action with gigantic prize money all up for grabs. Last season, more than 10 players from India made it in the money in the Main Event. Who knows, this year it could be you too!
PS: We suggest you work on your game by building a sound and robust poker satellite games strategy for yourself. Visiting a few blogs and searching for answers on popular portals would help a great deal.

Upcoming poker tournaments in India

TIPS shall be followed by several exciting upcoming poker tournaments in India. We suggest you make your first smart move by identifying the ones you prefer and then preparing for them with focus. Even if you flunk a few of them, it shouldn’t matter much because the Indian online gaming space is powered by several top-notch promos that usually follow each other in close tandem. You would always have something to play for, provided you prepare well.
In this article, we hope to have offered well-rounded information to players who are interested to play live poker in the international felts of the Indian Poker Series 2020. We really hope you to make a smarter move ahead with your passion for the game this year!