Discover Why Business Cards Are Here To Stay

 Discover Why Business Cards Are Here To Stay
 Discover Why Business Cards Are Here To Stay 

Business cards have been in use since the17th century upon their creation. Today, business cards no longer come with simple generic brands and basic contact information. The need to gain an upper hand in the market ensures having business cards that stand out in the best way possible. New printing methods have led to the introduction of more interactive business cards. This makes their purpose invaluable in the business world.

Lenticular business cards

There is a growing significance of lenticular printing for its significant benefit in the business promotion industry. This allows ending up with cards that give you an edge over competitors. The method allows printing business cards with different effects including a background that appears to go on forever or appear to.
Lenticular business cards come with endless possibilities to make your branded message or logo stand out. These cards are five times more likely to attract people’s attention than regular business cards. In addition, customers are four times more likely to remember your message leading to a potential 16 percent increase in sales.

Why business cards are here to stay

Unique appeal

Business owners today carry more than basic business cards in generic designs. There are various ways to make your business cards stand out. Working with one of the best lenticular printing companies will ensure that you get business cards to make you different from others in the field. These come with the essence of professionalism to create memorable moments when looking for a job or networking.

Tailored to particular needs 

Another amazing thing that makes business cards timeless is the ability to be tailored to match your needs. A reputable printing agency will help you design and personalize the cards to reflect your brand and business. In addition, you can have a similar card with just a few differences to match your customer needs. This allows getting good value for money.

For non-tech savvy leads 

Not everyone uses smart technology. Some business owners stick to the old school way of doing things. It is very important to acknowledge that not every potential lead is a millennial. Handing business cards is a better idea compared to offering them a cell phone to write their number. Offering a business card eliminates the need to offer details instantly.
This gives the receiver time to get back to their offices and to give you a call at their convenience. In addition, anyone who receives your business cards can keep it for future use. It makes it easy to understand whatever is included on the business cards.

Professional appeal 

Apart from promoting your business, business cards give you a professional appearance. Giving out nicely designed business cards shows that you took the time to come with cards to represent you. A reputable online printing agency will allow you to select the design template. This avoids using cards with generic designs that everyone has. You can have the business cards custom-designed to include your official brand colors in a size and on material that fits your style.

Fulfills networking goals

Success in business is all about networking. This requires attending business conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and seminars aimed at getting leads that you can easily turn into customers. When planning to attend an event, print business cards to enable meeting your networking goals. The number of cards printed should match the expected number of leads you are looking forward to.
This will make it easier for you to evaluate the effectiveness of the networking project. You can easily assess the number of leads against the cards given out. Additionally, it is now easier to remember people who took your cards especially if they gave you theirs. Handing out well-designed business cards allows making a stellar impression with instant results.

Contact details

The most significant benefit of business cards is creating a great first impression. However, this would be worthless if you don’t let potential customers know how to contact you from there. Fortunately, business cards have space on either side to include business contact details. These might include telephone number, email, postal address, website, social media accounts, and physical location.
Ability to include a host of options one can use to get in touch boosts effectiveness of the business cards. Before you even check your contact list to call potential customers, they can easily call you. This is very important especially after getting a great impression of your business o first contact. You also have an icebreaker when you call a potential lead.

The take home

With business becoming more competitive every day, only smart business people survive. Business cards are an essential marketing tool with a host of other benefits. For cards that will make your brand stand out, working with a lenticular printing company is the trick. This will work with you to design cards with special effects not available on regularly printed cards.