Top 8 Health benefits of Tulsi- Know some unknown facts about the “Holy Basil”

Top 8 Health benefits of Tulsi- Know some unknown facts about the “Holy Basil”
Top 8 Health benefits of Tulsi- Know some unknown facts about the “Holy Basil”

Tulsi Drops is the well-known extract to mankind, it is best known for its health benefits but hardly 30% of the population know the real benefits of this herb. It is the only sacred herb known in Hinduism and is worshipped as “Goddess” in almost every household of India. The herb is cultivated for medical as well as religious purposes. Not only can this, but the addition of Tulsi leaves also enhance the flavour of any food or beverage. There are far additional benefits of this herb, let us reveal a few of them.

Works as Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation can be caused in or out on any part of our body. Intake of Tulsi can cure all those diseases that have been caused by inflammation. Chewing Tulsi leaves also help cure fever, sore throat, cold, cough and flu through its anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces the risk of heart disease. If you have any bowel inflammations, you can simply eat this miraculous herb to return to normal conditions.

It comprises with disease-fighting Antioxidants

Tulsi contains two essential antioxidants, orientin and vicenary that strengthen the immune system. It contains the essential oil that enables the body to fight with radical damage and also protects the DNA structure and cells.

Works as Natural Cleanser

Tulsi drops works perfectly as a natural cleanser for those with oily skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help remove the dirt from skin pores and cleanse the skin naturally. You can prepare the paste of Tulsi leaves and apply it on your face, then leave it for around 15-20 minutes. You will see the natural glow on your skin. Tulsi Juice is one of the best-known remedies for treating ring-worms and other skin diseases. It keeps the skin healthy and lowers the premature ageing.

Works as Healer 

The tulsi extracts can heal up all your wounds quickly than other medicines. Some Ayurveda physicians recommend this herb to apply after surgery to heal up the stitches naturally and also to prevent it from further infections.

Treats Cough and Cold

If you are suffering from fever, cough or cold, and you don’t want to intake tablets that taste bitter, then the best option to treat your disease is Tulsi leaves. You have to take a decoction of tulsi flowers and mix it with little ginger, long, and black pepper to form a drink. You can also a natural sweetener, honey to make it taste better. A combined beverage of Tulsi leaves, onion and ginger juice is helpful to cure dry cough.

Works as Anti-Depressant

If you are suffering from prolonged depression and anxiety, you can take 10-12 Tulsi leaves and easily manage to control your stress and anxiety. This herb stimulates the neurotransmitters that in return regulate the hormones that are responsible for happiness in our body. Tulsi tea is also good for stress-busting.

Treats Fever

You can prepare a mixture of tulsi leaves, ginger powder, neem leaves to lower the symptoms of fever in your body. Tulsi tea is also good for lowering the risks of malaria, dengue and other viral fevers that mainly affect our body in monsoons. The application of tulsi paste on cold feet is also helpful in reducing the temperature.

Lowers the risk of Heart disease

Regular intake of Tulsi leaves can lower the level of cholesterol in your body that is mainly responsible for cardiac disorders. Juice prepared by the leaves increases the blood circulation in the body and also acts as a herbal tonic for the heart.
Tulsi, itself has an ample number of benefits that still are unknown to us. Taking Tulsi drops regularly can keep your body free from any type of disease.