Identifying the Ideal Foods for Speedy & Complete Recovery from Tuberculosis

Identifying the Ideal Foods for Speedy & Complete Recovery from Tuberculosis
Identifying the Ideal Foods for Speedy & Complete Recovery from Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis remains a serious public health issue globally. It is supposed to be among the top ten causes of death across the globe. In 2017, over 10 million new TB cases were reported worldwide and 1.6 million of them were a victim to the disease. We understand that in the United States, in 2018 there were only 9,029 new TB cases. The researchers revealed that US-born individuals comprised just one-third or just 29.5 percent of them.
As per research TB cases in the U.S.A. in 2018 dipped to the lowest-known level as per preliminary surveillance data. Moreover, the specific progress rate towards eliminating this deadly disease has slowed down over the years. However, you must not treat tuberculosis lightly and pay attention to the diet so that the recovery is fast and effective. Some of the most common symptoms of tuberculosis would include weakness, weight loss, shortness of breath, night sweats, etc.

WHO claims that being poorly-nourished or undernourished is supposed to be a primary risk factor for acquiring tuberculosis. Hence, nutrition could help in boosting the recovery and proper management of tuberculosis. Patients are required to take a high dosage of some antibiotics for an extended period. We know that antigens and antibodies are useful for effectively devising diagnostic tests for identifying all those HIV-infected people who seem to be at a relatively higher risk of acquiring clinical tuberculosis.

Both TB treatment and prevention should concentrate on treating and preventing malnutrition particularly under-nutrition that is said to lower immunity and trigger many nutrient deficiencies. This could be achieved by consuming well-planned and balanced meals throughout the day. Let us explore some ideal foods for speeding up recovery in tuberculosis patients.
Identifying the Ideal Foods for Speedy & Complete Recovery from Tuberculosis

Calorie-Dense Food

The ideal foods for tuberculosis patients must be rich in calories and of high nutrient value for fulfilling increasing metabolic demands and for preventing any more weight loss. Some calorie-dense food items may include cereals, banana, peanuts, whole grains, etc. You must consume more fats and carbohydrates that are energy-rich foods for a speedy recovery from tuberculosis.

Protein-Rich Foods

Increased demand for protein is usually, met with nuts, dry fruits, eggs, cheese, meat, etc. Tuberculosis patients often suffer from lack of appetite. In such a case, you must include finely powdered nuts into your smoothies for that extra punch. Eat more pulses, nuts, fish, meat, poultry, and dairy products that are rich in protein content. These are body-building foods that are essential for your weak constitution.

Protective Foods Vitamins & Minerals

Best foods for curing tuberculosis patients include oranges, sweet pumpkin, carrots, and papaya that contain Vitamin A. You could consume Vitamin C by including foods such as oranges, tomatoes, capsicum, lemons, sweet lime, etc. Moreover, you must eat more of foods such as wheat germ, nuts, vegetable oils, etc. as they are great sources of Vitamin E. Consume lots of foods that contain Vitamin B-Complex such as tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, eggs, chicken, lean meat, etc.

Zinc & Selenium

The best source of selenium is Brazil nuts. You could consider including nuts, seeds, fortified eggs, and mushrooms in your diet. Furthermore, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax, and sesame are great sources of zinc and selenium. Eat more chicken, fish, and even oysters.

People suffering from tuberculosis are known to have low immunity and may be susceptible to various infections such as HIV, AIDS, etc. Remember HIV testing is compulsory for TB patients. Moreover, doctors recommend certain tests and X-rays for all the family members who may not be demonstrating any outward symptoms but have germs of the disease. Remember you need to pay attention to your diet for a speedy recovery.

Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. She also manages her blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources.