Are we really living an informed and aware?

Are we really living an informed and aware?
Are we really living an informed and aware?

We pride living in the generation that believes bingeing onto the visual feast served on Netflix rather than going a little medieval to read books and newspapers to gain virtuous information. The teenagers and the young adults suffer from mental block that stays with them for a considerable amount of time for always staying neck deep stuck into the curse of technology. There is a thin line between interest and addiction and what the millennial generation is actually suffering from is known as addiction! Only if we got a little further and beyond what we do on a regular basis and made some extra efforts to search for the ethical information this world would have been filled with a less number of loons.
People are hardly aware of anything that is happening around and that is quite saddening. We all rather believe in living caught up in social media and checking out the intricate details of what is happening on anybody’s personal Instagram account rather than what is happening on the planet.
Hardly anyone bothers to know what is happening around the world. We live a weird life, one filled with the curiosity to know what will not even beneficial for us. The teenagers and the ones above that age do not even care to know what is happening around. Like seriously, our favorite actor’s marital status worries us more compared to what is happening in Syria. There must be a balance between the good and the bad. Just listening to what is being told on social media does not know it all. Social media allows post their opinions and what people want to listen and believe in that is what the news channels show on air.

We live in an age of information then why not take advantage of it? Here are a few points that will help explain why you need to stay updated.

Being uninformed will leave you exploited and victimized

Ignoring the primary currents will keep you aloof of your cultures and leave you vulnerable. If you live disengaged and unaware of what all happening in a given area then you will suffer in the long run. Become a part of the informed populace and stay ahead of all the people who wish to live blind and dumb in the crowd. If you are living an ignorant life then you are becoming a part of the apathetic majority.

Living uninformed always makes us gullible

It is the worst you could do to yourself. Gullible people are persuaded to live a life that does not belong to them. They are easily carried away and persuaded or incited by the people to follow opinions of the powerful half. People like these are gullible and are mentally looted by the rich and the powerful.

Because we are the future

Because staying aware is staying educated and informed and basically ahead of the rest. Education is the one change that our generation needs in the world. The world is dependent on our generation for making the world a better place and for doing that you need to keep in touch with what is happening. The current generation has the power to make progress and huge changes whether it is becoming founder of a company to developing applications.

Be informed about the latest discoveries and innovations

You must stay in loop about the latest discoveries made in the science field. For example, if there is any development and researches in the field of science then you must keep yourself well aware about it as it will be beneficial for you in the long run. You must keep yourself informed with the latest national news in English to keep yourself aware of everything that is happening around you.
Time for you to live informed, aware and empowered!